Mikropenis ve Penis Büyütme Tedavileri ile İlgili Bilinmesi Gerekenler
18 December, 2019

Things to Know About Micropenis and Penile Enlargement Treatments

The shortest answer to the question "What is a micropenis?" is "the situation where the penis does not have the ideal length for sexual intercourse and sexual satisfaction, which occurs due to problems with genetics and hormone secretion". When there is a micropenis problem, the penis of men is 9.3 cm or shorter when is erect. Micropenis, which makes its effects felt with the puberty period and can be healed when erkeklik hormonu treatment is applied at the right time, can only be treated with penile lengthening and penile enlargement operations in men over the age of 18. 

In this article, I will answer questions such as “what is micropenis?”, “what are the causes of micropenis?”, “how is micropenis treatment done?”.

What is Micro Penis?

Micropenis is a condition where the penis is 9.3 cm or shorter during erection as a result of genetic or hormonal problems. As I just mentioned, micropenis is usually noticed during puberty when male sexuality begins. Increasing awareness about penis length and questioning whether they have enough penis length may cause patients to suspect micropenis. 

Causes of Micropenis

The term “micropenis”, which is used to describe penises that are shorter than normal despite having a normal structure or appearance, was first published in the literature in 1962. Micropenis is considered a very rare penile deformity (6 out of every 1000 men), but can seriously affect the psychology of the person.

Under normal conditions, when the fetus is 8 weeks old, the penis begins to develop; By 12 weeks, it begins to grow. With the release of male hormones, the development of the penis continues in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. Genetic or hormonal anomalies experienced during fetal development are the main causes of micropenis problem.

Micropenis May Cause Trauma

Men whose penis size is not in ideal dimensions may experience both physical and psychological problems. Men who have penises evaluated in the micropenis class may not experience sexual intercourse as well as having difficulty urinating. Studies have shown that men with micropenis problems may have low sperm counts and thus increase their chances of infertility. Although micropenis causes physical problems to be faced, it reduces the quality of life of men due to its psychological repercussions. The fact that micropenis is a developmental anomaly that can be treated surgically should not be ignored, which reduces self-confidence in men, can cause them to avoid sexual intercourse and become depressed.

Micropenis Treatment

“When micropenis is diagnosed in children, hormone treatments are started during childhood and adolescence. If hormone therapy is delayed, the treatment is performed with genital plastic surgeries such as penile lengthening and penile enlargement.

When micropenis is diagnosed at an early age, when the patient is still a child, it can be managed with male hormone treatments to increase the length of the penis. Thanks to male hormone treatment, which starts in childhood and continues during adolescence, penis size can be reached to its ideal values. However, when the timing is not determined correctly, male hormone therapy loses its effect and surgical methods should be applied for treatment. 

Since micropenis is a condition that affects the psychology of individuals as well as sexual life, it should be treated without delay. In this context, successful results can be obtained with penile enlargement operations. Although it is possible to lengthen the penis 3-4 cm as standard with penile enlargement surgery, average results may vary from person to person. At this point, it should not be forgotten that the determining factor is the length of the invisible part of the penis.

Penile lengthening Surgery in Micropenis Treatment

The length of the penis can be increased for men who meet the requirements for penile lengthening surgery and whose general health condition is suitable for the operation. During this operation, which allows the penis to lengthen 3 - 4 cm, 80% of the suspensory ligament, which connects the penis to the abdominal wall, is cut. The normally unused part of the penis is made functional with the penile lengthening operation. 

The results of penile lengthening surgery can be noticed both when the penis is deflated and when it is erect. It is important to remember that the increase in the length of the penis in both flaccid and erect state depends on the fact that the patient does not have too much fat tissue and does traction exercises after the operation. Even though the penile lengthens permanently after the penile lengthening surgery, the shortening of the penis due to aging can also affect men who have undergone penile lengthening surgery, as it is the case with every man. Penile enlargement surgery can also be applied to increase the effects of penile lengthening surgery and to solve the problem of penile thinness.

Penile Enlargement Surgeries (Fat Injection and Filler)

During the penile enlargement surgery, which is performed to thicken the penis diameter without extending the penis length, the fat tissue taken from the person is subjected to a special process and injected under the penile skin. Since the adipose tissue injected under the penile skin is absorbed over time, penile enlargement surgeries should be performed periodically by urology and andrology specialists during the sexually active period.

Although fat injection into the penis is the most commonly used penile enlargement method, penile filling applications have also been started recently.

There are scientific studies showing that the effect of penile enlargement applications using special fillers containing hyaluronic acid is more permanent than fat injection.

Men with a request for penile enlargement can improve their quality of life by evaluating treatment options with urology and andrology specialists, choosing the most suitable alternative for them.

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