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Penis Gerçekten Kırılır mı?
Publication date : 13 August 2019

Is the Penis Really Fractured?

Penile fracture is not a myth contrary to what one might think; The penis can actually break and even this condition requires immediate medical attention. Penile fracture, which causes different symptoms such as the sudden termination of erection, swelling of the penis and accumulation of blood under the penile skin, is a trauma that should not be neglected. Due to the increasing number of questions about penile fracture recently, I will share with you the answers to questions such as "What is penile fracture?", "What are the symptoms of penile fracture?", "Why does the penis break?" and "How to treat penile fracture?".

What is Penile Fracture?

“Penile fracture” can be expressed as the tearing of the sheath called tunica albuginea, which surrounds the tubes that provide erection, as a result of forcing the penis during sexual intercourse. Pressing the penis during sexual intercourse or performing uncontrolled movements during masturbation can cause the penis to curl and the sheath to rupture. Penile fracture is a physical trauma that requires immediate medical attention. If it is not treated, it can cause permanent deformities in the penis, inability to get an erection or to maintain its hardness.

Why Is The Penis Broken?

The main cause of penile fracture is usually the excessive pressure of the erect penis during sexual intercourse. The penile hitting the pelvic bone during uncontrolled penetration, the positions in which women are on top and controlling sexual intercourse, and initiation of sexual intercourse without a full erection can be shown among the main causes of penile fracture. In order to reduce the risk of penile fracture, it is necessary to wait for the ideal hardness of the penis before sexual intercourse and to act in a controlled manner during sexual intercourse. Although penile fracture is not a very common condition, it is known to cause serious complications if it occurs.

What Are the Symptoms of Penile Fracture?

Different symptoms can be observed in men as a result of breaking the penis during sexual intercourse. The most common symptoms of penile fracture are cracking sound from the penis at the time of fracture, immediate termination of erection, severe pain in the penis, blood build-up under the penile skin, bruising, swelling and difficulty in urination. 

The fact that the penis is exposed to trauma during sexual intercourse does not mean that the penis will definitely break. The sheath, which surrounds the tubes that provide erection, can sometimes be damaged even if it is not torn. In this case, treatment options should be evaluated again; if the sheath is damaged and treatment is neglected, the sheath can repair itself and may lead to penile curvature in the long run. Men who experience penile fracture symptoms should immediately consult urology and andrology specialists. Otherwise, both their general health and their sexual quality of life may suffer.

How Is Penile Fracture Treated?

The definitive treatment of penile fracture is surgical intervention. Repairing tissue torn during surgery. It is aimed to repair the tissue torn during the surgery and to prevent the person from facing the erection problem. If penile fracture is not treated, permanent damage to the urinary tract and formation of hard plaques in the ruptured sheath may result in penile curvature and erectile dysfunction. It may be necessary to stay in the hospital for 1 to 3 days after penile fracture operation. Specialist doctors can give painkillers and antibiotics to the patient.

The recovery process of the patient after the operation should be followed closely and penile vessels should be examined using imaging methods. Sexual intercourse should not be attempted before full recovery occurs. Doctors will inform patients when there is no harm in having sexual intercourse.

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