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As a result of genetic factors, racial characteristics, malnutrition in the womb or in the first years of life, and hormonal problems, penis length and penis thickness can vary from person to person. It is known that aging is also a reducing factor on penile length. The size and shape of the penis can affect behavior patterns, as this organ is seen as a symbol of power for men. As a matter of fact, with the discovery of sexual identity , many men question the size of their penis and may experience both physical and psychological problems when they do not get an answer to their expectations. I can say that the number of men who are not sufficiently satisfied during sexual intercourse, who cannot satisfy their partner sexually or who think that they cannot satisfy them, who experience performance anxiety as a result of all these negativities and who encounter sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation and erection problem, is too high to be underestimated. If the length of the penis and the diameter of the penis is less than the ideal size, or if the penis has ideal dimensions, but the person is worried, we can both extend the penis and thicken the penis with penile enlargement surgery. Moreover, we can perform all changes in a single operation, with a single anesthesia.

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Penile enlargement surgery has been increasingly preferred in recent years, so I encounter many questions about penile enlargement. “What is penile enlargement surgery?”, “Who should have penile enlargement surgery?” or “How is penile enlargement surgery done?” I will answer questions such as, but first I want to focus on that famous question that many men wonder…


What Is a Normal Penis Size?

In essence, “normal” or “ideal” penis size is not a phenomenon that can be limited to certain values. I can say that penis sizes with functions of not making urination difficult for men, fulfilling sexual functions, and satisfying the partner are considered ideal.

Of course there are more questions…

As I constantly experienced, the answers to the question of "What should be the ideal penis size?" are wondered by men. While talking about the ideal penis length, focusing only on the length of the penis is far from being the right approach. Penis diameter as well as penis length is a criterion that directly affects the pleasure of couples during sexual intercourse


- If the penis length is 13.12 cm in the erect state and
- If the thickness of the penis in the erection is 11.66 cm, we are talking about ideal or normal values.

By the way, I would like to talk about a medical condition called micropenis. The condition of the penis not being long enough for intercourse and sexual satisfaction is called micropenis. Micropenis appears as a reflection of genetical and hormonal problems. Values of 9.3 cm or less in erection indicate the presence of micropenis.You can find detailed information on the subject in my content   "What You Need to Know About Micropenis and Penile enlargement Treatments".  

Men who do not have ideal penis sizes or who have psychological problems, especially performance anxiety, can have longer and thicker penises with penile enlargement surgery, even if their penis is larger than compared to the standards. Thus, both themselves and their partners can have a more satisfying and healthy sexual life. So what is penile enlargement surgery, how is it done? Let's go into the depths of the operation in detail together.

What is Penile Enlargement Surgery?

Surgery in which the length and thickness of the penis is increased is called penile enlargement surgery. As it is understood from the definition of penile enlargement surgery, penile lengthening, penile thickening or both lengthening and thickening surgeries can be performed within the scope of this operation. For this reason, I would like to discuss these two operations separately in order to eliminate the question marks about "How to do penile enlargement surgery?":


Which Anesthesia Should Be Used in Penile Enlargement Surgery?

Before penile enlargement surgery, we decide together the most appropriate anesthesia method for our patients. We usually prefer spinal anesthesia for this operation, which can be performed with general anesthesia. During the operation, the patient only temporarily does not feel below the waist. During the operation, he can chat with us, listen to music or sleep voluntarily.


How Many Hours Does Penile Enlargement Surgery Take?

Penile enlargement surgery, penile lengthening and penile enlargement operations are completed in 2-3 hours if they are performed simultaneously. After surgery, which has a very comfortable quality, patients can be discharged on foot the next day after being hospitalized for one day.

Everything is clear so far, but Who should have penile enlargement surgery or who are considered suitable candidates for penile enlargement surgery?


Who Should Have Penile Enlargement Surgery?

Penile enlargement surgery cannot be evaluated within the scope of penile aesthetics only. Some men may experience physiological or psychological problems due to the shortness of the penis and/or the thinness of the penis. Both themselves and their spouses cannot be satisfied in sexual intercourse. This situation harms family relationships and performance anxiety occurs in men. Performance anxiety can also lead to sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, penile enlargement surgery can be requested by both the male patient and his partner. Although penile enlargement surgery can be applied to many men in general, I can talk about some basic eligibility criteria for the operation.

Penile enlargement surgeries can be applied to men who

- Have realistic expectations about penile lengthening and penile enlargement performed within the scope of penile enlargement surgeries,
- are not satisfied due to penis size during sexual intercourse,
- are not satisfied with their penis size and have self-confidence problems.


Final Say…

I can say that men who are satisfied during sexual intercourse and who also satisfy their partner have “their” ideal penis sizes. But not all men experience similar satisfactions all the time. Today, penile enlargement surgery is completed comfortably thanks to the advantages offered by both anesthesia and surgery techniques. While the quality of sexual life increases after the surgery, a more self-confident process begins for men Of course, as always, correct patient selection and surgical experience are important variables. For this reason, it is necessary to be meticulous when deciding on the penile enlargement operation and the urology and andrology specialist who will perform the operation.




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