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When it comes to genital aesthetics in men, the first thing that comes to mind is penile lengthening surgery. This misconception results in ignoring the effect of penile thinness on sexual satisfaction and not evaluating treatment options. There is a very, very important key point missed, penis size is important for the satisfaction of both the man and his partner, yes, but the thickness of the penis can be more decisive! As a matter of fact, although the length of the penis is on the agenda, the thinness of the penis affects the quality of sexual intercourse more. Non-surgical penile enlargement, in other words, non-surgical penile enlargement, can be safely applied to men who have sufficient penile length for vaginal penetration but have problems with penile thinness. The method is safe and effective, so non-surgical penile enlargement treatment is increasingly in demand. 

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I am aware that there is a lot of information pollution about penile enlargement methods. It is claimed that there are different types of procedures, and even products or drugs that are harmful to health, that are touted to result in penile lengthening or to correct the thinness of the penis caused by genetic.

In order to eliminate all this information pollution and contribute to the protection of your health, I would like to first touch on the differences between penile enlargement surgery and non-surgical penile enlargement.

Non-Surgical Penile enlargement

During penile enlargement surgery, both the length of the penis is extended with penile lengthening surgery and the girth of the penis is increased with fat injection. Penile enlargement surgery, which intervenes in penile length and penile girth, is performed under operating room conditions, under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. After this operation, which requires 1 day of hospitalization, patients can be discharged the next day of the operation.

However, when it comes to non-surgical penile enlargement, penile enlargement is performed only with filling, without interfering with the length of the penis. After this treatment that we applied in the clinical environment, patients can immediately return to their daily lives.

In AndroKLİNİK, we use filling materials that contain hyaluronic acid and are compatible with body for non-surgical penile enlargement. Since hyaluronic acid has water retention, patients can clearly observe the results of the penis thickening process within 7-10 days after the application.

Although non-surgical penile enlargement is considered as a penile aesthetic application because it causes cosmetic changes, it is also functional because it is an important requirement for a satisfactory sexual relationship.

I have prepared a content for you about the importance of penis girth. You can find my blog post “Is Penis Length Everything?” here.  

How is this application, which is both comfortable and safe, performed? Here are the details...

How Is Non-Surgical Penile Enlargement Performed?

Non-surgical penile enlargement is performed in a clinical environment. Before the injection, the application area, namely the body of the penis, is anesthetized with a local anesthetic cream.

When local anesthesia takes effect, ready-made filling materials containing hyaluronic acid, which are compatible with the body, are injected into the penis body, under the skin, as I have just mentioned. The patient does not feel ache or pain during the procedure.

After this application, which takes about 30 - 45 minutes, it is necessary to wait an average of 7 - 10 days for the final results. In this process, the hyaluronic acid in the filler retains the water in the penile area where it is injected and gains volume. In other words, it takes some time to see the full results after the application of penile enlargement with filler.

Who is suitable for non-surgical penile enlargement?

The non-surgical penile enlargement procedure stands out as a very comfortable and practical treatment method for men who

-Have problems with penis size but not satisfied with penis thickness,
-Cannot reach enough pleasure during sexual intercourse or whose partner is not satisfied due to a thin penis,
-Do not have enough fat tissue for penile enlargement surgery, or who have poor fat quality.

Are the Results of Non-Surgical Penile Enlargement Permanent?

Penile thickening treatment with filler, such as oil injection into the penis, which is performed within the scope of penile aesthetics, is also temporary. Although the duration of permanence varies from person to person, it can be considered as 1.5-3 years. Non-surgical penile enlargement application can be repeated during the sexually active period.

Non-surgical penile enlargement has many advantages. Since it is applied in the clinical environment, it can offer a comfortable solution to those who have penis thinning problems. One of the first advantages of the method coming to mind is that it can be applied to men whose subcutaneous fat is not sufficient or of insufficient quality. Moreover, it does not harm the erection functions of the penis. However, there are some elements that require caution.

The experience of the urology and andrology specialist is very important in this regard, because it is necessary to master the anatomy of the penis. The quality of the fillers used must be questioned; as a result, these substances are injected under the skin.

All these factors are very important for the success of the application, there will be some massage movements that we recommend to our patients after the application, so that the results obtained after the filling can also become the best.

Final Say…

Penis thickness is of decisive importance in the quality of sexual intercourse. While men can be very insistent on penis size, they forget the fact that the feeling of satisfaction can be prevented or reduced if enough pressure cannot be exerted on the walls of the vagina due to the thinness of the penis during intercourse. In this respect, penile enlargement can be considered both as a choice and a necessity. Moreover, we can achieve very successful results with the treatment, which we apply in the clinical environment to men who do not have problems with penis size. The significant increase in the self-confidence of our patients and the positive change in their sexual life after non-surgical penile enlargement confirms the claims that the treatment is successful. Not only our patients, but also their spouses can take a step towards a more active and healthy sexual life.

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